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PyQt5 is provided as a source distribution (sdist) and binary wheels from PyPI. The wheels include copies of the corresponding Qt libraries. To install it run:

pip install PyQt5


PyQt6, the bindings for Qt v6, is currently in development. At the moment it builds against Qt v5 but introduces a number of incompatibilities with PyQt5.

Files Changes
PyQt6-6.0.0.dev2010231559.tar.gz ChangeLog-6.0.0.dev2010231559

SIP v6 is required to build the snapshot. To build the sip module for PyQt6, run:

sip-module --project PyQt6.sip

PyQt6 introduces the following incompatibilities with PyQt5:

  • All enums are now implemented as enum.Enum (PyQt5 used enum.IntEnum for scoped enums and a custom type for traditional named enums). PyQt5 allowed an int whenever an enum was expected but PyQt6 requires the correct type.
  • QFlags are implemented as enum.Flag.
  • Q_CLASSINFO has been replaced by the pyqtClassInfo class decorator.
  • Q_ENUM and Q_FLAG have been replaced by the pyqtEnum enum decorator.
  • Q_ENUMS and Q_FLAGS have been removed.
  • All exec_() methods have been removed.
  • All print_() methods have been removed.
  • The Qt module has been removed.
  • QtWidgets.qApp has been removed.
  • The QtCore.PYQT_CONFIGURATION dict has been removed.
  • pylupdate can no longer read a .pro file in order to determine the names of .py files to translate.
  • pyrcc has been removed.
  • Python v3.6 or later is required.

Other compatibilities may be added during the development of PyQt6.


PyQt5 is the current stable release of PyQt. This is a snapshot of the next release of PyQt5 including all bug fixes.

Files Changes
PyQt5-5.15.2.dev2010041344.tar.gz ChangeLog-5.15.2.dev2010041344


This is the last release of PyQt4. No more releases will be made.

Before you can build PyQt4 from sources you must have already installed SIP v4.

Files Changes