[PyQt] Cannot 'configure' PyQt4.9 before build on Linuxmint

Brian Kelley kelley at eyesopen.com
Wed Apr 25 13:36:43 BST 2012

I should be clear what I mean by relocatable: sipconfig.py and
pyqtconfig.py have hard-coded paths so if you build new pyqt libraries
from C++ widgets you shouldn't move these files (although I expect you can
just change the paths internally but I've never been that brave, perhaps I
should investigate a move-pyqt-install tool)


On 4/25/12 8:28 AM, "Brian Kelley" <kelley at eyesopen.com> wrote:

>That would have been nice, except (1) This affected multiple distress that
>did not have the openSUSE build service (2) I need to build with multiple
>pythons (2.3Š2.7) (3) I need to install into a specific prefix and PyQt is
>not easily re-locatable and (4) I use the commercial distribution and this
>affected ubuntu and SLED10.

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