[PyQt] Inter-office distribution/installation of packages/modules

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Thu Jun 16 19:04:40 BST 2011

On Thursday 16 June 2011 19:13:10 James Polk wrote:
> Apologies if this is too off-topic,....but I'd like to propose a discussion
> of how-to's and where-fore's regarding distributing python modules to a
> user-base.
> Recently, I've been using Mark Hammond's excellent pywin32 packages,
> along with NumPy and PyOpenGL,etc.  I have a user-base of approx 40 or so,
> who will need these packages added to their base Python install.
> Rather than visit 40 separate desktops, I used "pip"  (pip freeze) to get a
> short list of packages outside the base install, and wrote an app that each
> user can run to find what's missing, and initiate the appropriate
> install,etc. Then I realized that "pip" itself was a 3rd party
> package!..DOh!
> I can fall back and use "help('modules')" to generate a new list, but it
> lists *everything* in the install,...usable but not as succinct, for
> pywin32 for example, it lists about a dozen things with a form of "win32"
> in them,...and doesn't appear to return the real package name that is
> associated with the binary installation file.
> Surely these issues are fairly common phenomena in many workplaces,etc...
> I'm wondering if anybody out there has any knowledge, tips, or experiences
> regarding this issue that they can share.
> I've found "moduleFinder", and various ideas about searching "sys.path",
> pkgutils, but nothing else that seems like a long term viable and/or
> elegant solution.

I don't really get your question? Why are you so serious about third-party 
applications/modules? Do you suspect licensing problems?
If that is the case: As long as the app/modules you develop stays within the 
company that pays you generally, its not "publishing" the stuff. So when you 
wrote that app during your day-job for your employer and want to distribute it 
to all the other employers, neither are you affected by the licenses of the 
third-party modules, nor do you have to use a certain license for your code. 
Which actually belongs to your employer, thats why using it inside the firm is 
no publication...

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

Have fun,

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