[PyQt] Contextmenu in a QTreeWidget

Jake Richards blaven at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 14:53:13 GMT 2007

Is there a better way of creating a contextMenu (a small menu when you right
click) inside a QTreeWidget
than setting the setContextMenuPolicy?  This is what I currently do:

self.treeView = QTreeWidget()

But, the problem I'm having is that the right click to bring up the menu,
also changes the selection.
How can I tell the tree to ignore right clicks but still bring up the
contextmenu?  Oh, and as a side
question.  How can I get a list of the QTreeWidgetItems that make up the
tree?  I saw items() but I
didn't quite understand how to set the QMimeData type (I'm sorry, I'm a bit
new to QT :( )  Thank you!

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