[PyQt] Closing QMainWindow with a bunch of child dialogs...

Dirk Wagener dwagen at stonethree.com
Tue Nov 27 11:18:23 GMT 2007


I have this situation:
I have a QMainWindow (parent) with a bunch of children dialogs.
One of the children is a dialog containing a QTabWidget with a bunch of 
QWidget tabs.

I now close the main window by clicking on the close button, which 
trigger a closeEvent().
In my closeEvent(self, event) method, I do the following:
* call accept() on the dialog containing the tab widget
* call accept() on all open dialogs
* call event.accept() on the close event received by this main window

My question is this:
What is the correct way to close a parent and all its children to ensure 
garbage collection happens properly?
I am confused about the use of accept(), close() or destroy() to get rid 
of dialogs.

Also, the dialog that contains a tab widget - should I close all the tab 
widgets (QWidgets)
and the QTabWidget when closing this dialog?

Kind regards
Dirk Wagener

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