[PyQt] doubt with QTextBrowser and QImage

Claudio A. Quezada R. claudio.quezada.r at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 18:17:42 GMT 2007

Hi everyone.

I´m working on a open source project where i generate some charts and
show them in QTextBrowser. I made a function to export everything that
is on the QTextBrowser, so the charts are made with Matplotlib and are
saved as png files before they are passed as html source to the

The thing is that i´d like to generate matplotlib charts (or could be
PyQWt) and pass them to QTextBrowser as html, but whitout having to
save them to disc (could be as QImage or QPixmap lists). I think this
maybe could be advantageous and faster (reduce hard disk writing to
pass them as QImage object).

I´m stucked right now, i was checking QTextBrowser and QTextEdit
documentation and the only thing that maybe could do this is
QTextBrowser.loadResource(), but i don´t get it...

Any ideas or help?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

Claudio Quezada Romegialli
Ingeniero Ambiental
(02)7321665 - 81466049

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