[PyKDE] Why are the python bindings delivered with KDE so old?

Serge Weinstock sweinst at ukonline.co.uk
Sun Jan 21 16:51:30 GMT 2007


Does someone know why the python bindings delivered  with  KDE are so old?

I've just have a look at their SVN repository
and now real updates seem to have been done for 16 months!

This is a major issue for me and I think for all developers who want to
develop python applications for KDE as these bindings are the one
distributed for a lot of major Linux distribution (Suse, Mandriva, ...).

Furthermore, this situation prevents also the  spread  of PyQt4 as the 
version  of sip  is too old and many  users  are afraid to have to
replace full parts of their KDE distribution.

Is it possible to help solving this problem and try to have up to date
bindings in the KDE source tree? I'm willing to help...

Serge Weinstock

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