[PyKDE] Why are the python bindings delivered with KDE so old?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Jan 21 17:29:55 GMT 2007

On 21.01.07 16:51:30, Serge Weinstock wrote:
> Does someone know why the python bindings delivered  with  KDE are so old?

Because nobody maintains them.

> Furthermore, this situation prevents also the  spread  of PyQt4 as the 
> version  of sip  is too old and many  users  are afraid to have to
> replace full parts of their KDE distribution.

No it doesn't. At least not here on Debian, I have PyQt4, PyQt3 and
PyKDE3 bindings installed from Debian packages. The reason is that
Debian decided to not build kdebingings PyKDE version, but the updated
one from the riverbank site.

> Is it possible to help solving this problem and try to have up to date
> bindings in the KDE source tree? I'm willing to help...

Get a KDE svn account and update the bindings.

The plan for kde4 is to maintain the python bindings completely inside
KDE svn, last time I heard at least.


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