[PyQt] Re: Some problems with styleSheets in QT4.3.1 and PyQt4.3

"Gustavo A. Dí­az" gustavo.diaz at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 17:14:01 BST 2007


Anyone checkout this problem yet? I've tested with latest today snapshot
and the problem persist.



Gustavo A. Dí­az escribió:
> Hi guys!
> It seems i've found a "bug"? in PyQt4.3 which for sure is cause i am
> using QT4.3.1.
> This is the situation: in one desktop i have QT4.3 and PyQt4.3, so
> here the screenshot of my app which i styled using stylesheet:
> http://opencoffee.lnxteam.org/downloads/pub/pics/PyQt4.3-QT4.3.png
> As you can see i have one background for the stackedWidget and another
> on top of it for tabWidget.
> Now, in my laptop i have PyQt4.3 and QT4.3.1, I have this effect:
> http://opencoffee.lnxteam.org/downloads/pub/pics/PyQt4.3-QT4.3.1.png
> You will see that the background image of the stackedWidget appears
> inside the tabWidget which is wrong.
> Both examples uses the same code in my app.
> I've tested with latest snapshot with PyQt4, but the same thing happens...
> Cheers.
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> Gustavo A. Díaz

/Gustavo A. Díaz/
*GDNet Projects*
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Gustavo A. Díaz
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