[PyKDE] PyKDE - looking for comments

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Mon Jan 23 07:39:46 GMT 2006

The PyKDE tarball contains (uncompressed) about 12MB of html files in the 
doc/classref directory. Compressed, this adds about 300KB to the size of the 
tarball (1.4MB including all html files). Since these are auto-generated 
(from sip/classref.txt and related files), and since I finally took the time 
to fix the paths in the scripts that generate the html so I don't have to 
change them every release, it would be possible to ship the tarball without 
the auto-generated html docs and let users generate them as part of 

That would add less than 30 seconds to the compile time (something like 10 
seconds on most hardware).

I'm inclined to continue including the html, just because it's one less thing 
to break on the user end, but if people think the reduction in tarball size 
is significant, I'm willing to change it. I'd think rpms could generate the 
docs too - it just involves running a Python script during installation. 
There are also some non-generated docs (the html files in doc/) that aren't 
auto-generated, and those would still be provided as is.

You can test it by running:

python doc/tools/dumphtml.py <destination path>


python doc/tools/dumphtml.py doc/classref

when run from the top-level PyKDE directory. The non-generated docs expect to 
find the class docs at classref/ relative to their directory (I think there's 
only one link to change in the TOC page at any rate).

It really doesn't matter a lot to me either way - anybody have an opinion one 
way or the other?


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