[PyKDE] PyKDE snapshot 20060122

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Mon Jan 23 07:17:56 GMT 2006

I've just sent Phil a new PyKDE snapshot - it should be available at 
riverbankcomputing shortly. Barring any new bug reports, this should be the 
PyKDE 3.15.0 release. I'll do a 3.15.1 release after KDE 3.5.1 is released, 
but I doubt there will be many changes.

This release has been backtested to KDE 3.0/3.1 (the previous snapshot won't 
build for those) and has a few bug fixes for those versions. kabc is correct 
for those versions, kresources didn't exist before KDE 3.2.0. configure.py 
has been modified for those versions as well, and has also been modified to 
concatenate files by default for gcc >= 4.0.3, based on success reports here. 
This snapshot also has updated docs. The only thing missing is the last few 
Changelog entries, which I forgot to update.

All bugs reported in the last few days should be repaired. There is also a bug 
fix in extensions/dcopexport.py - line 88 contained an illegal character. If 
you don't want to rebuild  and plan on using dcop, just retype that line 
exactly, delete the old line and save (and remember to do it on the installed 
version, usually in site-packages/).

As always, bug and problem reports are welcome.


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