[PyKDE] PyKDE - looking for comments

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Mon Jan 23 22:19:16 GMT 2006

On Monday 23 January 2006 07:39, Jim Bublitz wrote:

> It really doesn't matter a lot to me either way - anybody have an opinion
> one way or the other?

No strong opinion other than the niftyness factor of "building" the docs. 
After all it is source code being built so the build stage IMHO is most 
appropriate to generate docs rather than shipping them in formatted form. It 
seems to be a common thing to do with docbook, pydoc etc. I can think of some 
potential advantages: May save you some time down the line and might be 
easier if any packager wants to add or change something or reformat or such 
thing, perhaps even for translating it may be useful. Anything that requires 
editing the html might be easier done editing the script or adding one.

On the other hand, 300k is just peanuts. Considering what a huge amount of 
classes you get for a measly 1.4 MB tarball I'd say it's not overweight at 
all. The package size here (tbz, incl. sip files, doc, examples, templates) 
is 8.3 MB, still quite small. For completeness: using bzip2 to compress the 
source tarball it's only 886 kB. That would pay off if download size is a 


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