[PyKDE] PyKDE concatenation and gcc4.0.3 [was: New PyKDE snapshot - help needed]

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Fri Jan 20 19:53:13 GMT 2006

Hi Jim,

On Friday 20 January 2006 20:03, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> On an 800MHz machine with a 100MHz front side bus, the concatenated version
> using gcc 3 takes about 45 minutes, the non-concatenated version with gcc 4
> takes about 75 minutes, and (as I recall) the non-concatenated version with
> gcc 3 takes close to 3 hours. So gcc 4 is still much faster, even without
> concatenation. Thanks for the info on 4.0.3 - I'll modify configure.py to
> take that into account automatically.

on my amd64 sempron 1.6GHz with 512 Megs, the concatenated versions takes more 
then 3 hours. Because it uses all available RAM and a huge ammount of swap 
space. The normal file by file compile takes only 1 hour.

My harddrive is not the slowest, so it's more an issue of used memory.

> Ricardo Javier Cardenes suggested the concatenation scheme, which I believe
> is something Debian does. That not only saves users time - it makes
> development a lot faster, since I probably go through 50-100 compiles (many
> partial though) to get a release out.

Well, for Ubuntu I added the -i switch to avoid concatenating source files, 
because I think there will be issues, with systems compiling source packages 
with less then 512 Megs of physical memory and 1gb of swap space.

think about the 256 megs of physical memory and 512 megs of swap space. I was 
using here actually between 750 to 800 megs of memory (physical + virtual).



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