Easy installation (was: [PyKDE] PyKDE on mandrake 10.1?)

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Nov 28 01:49:06 GMT 2004

On Saturday 27 November 2004 12:19, Simon Edwards wrote:

> Speaking of RPMs for Mandrake, I've got a related question. How many people
> are using the version of KDE that comes with 10.1 (3.2) versus KDE 3.3?

> I'm mainly asking because the stuff I've been working on is at the stage
> where I want to put it out and let starting using it, testing it, giving
> feedback etc. To get this process running there needs to be an easy way to
> install PyKDE. (I'm talking about Mandrake users at this stage). I'm
> thinking that I need to put up a URPMI repository somewhere and direct
> people there. But which version of KDE should be supported? or both
> versions? or does anyone else have any ideas on making PyKDE easy to
> install for 'normal' users?

> What is the situation for other distributions?

There should be a snapshot posted at riverbankcomputing (snapshots/PyKDE) in a 
few days. I've started patching some of the recent problems (like building 
against 3.3.1) and generating PyKDE for KDE 3.3.1. Rather than make everybody 
wait for a full release (which may be a while), I'll be releasing snapshots 
over the next few weeks.

I haven't got to the Mdk 10.1 problem yet, but will get that fixed eventually. 
You'll also need the snapshot version of PyKDE to build against the upcoming 
sip 4.2. Phil found a minor bug in PyKDE, and that'll be fixed in the next 


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