Easy installation (was: [PyKDE] PyKDE on mandrake 10.1?)

Knut Morten Johansson knutmj at online.no
Sat Nov 27 21:57:56 GMT 2004

On Saturday 27 November 2004 21:19, Simon Edwards wrote:
> Hi all,
> Speaking of RPMs for Mandrake, I've got a related question. How many people
> are using the version of KDE that comes with 10.1 (3.2) versus KDE 3.3?

Personally I'm using the 3.2 version, since the 3.3 RPM's last time I checked 
was only downloadable for club members. As my membership have expired, and 
since the 3.2 version are quite stable I don't think I'll upgrade for a 
while. As for numbers I have no idea, but I suspect the most adventurous type 
of users have done the upgrade. And they are perhaps the most likly 
candidates to test out you stuff:-)

I would probably say you have to provide both versions:-) And a URPMI mirror 
definitely makes everything easier. I'm not sure but I think both KDE 
versions are built against the same version of qt, if this is the case the 
sip, PyQt and Eric RPM's can be used unchanged. If not, you have to slightly 
touch up the spec file and rebuild. Copy the src.rpm to the SRPM dir and 
unpack it with rpm -i. Then edit the spec file, don't think you have to 
change anyting but the version numbers of the different  packages(all are in 
the topmost part of the spec file) Then do rebuild with rpm -ba specfile. 
Remember to install libscintilla + devel before you build if you want Eric. 

As for PyKDE you can do the same, except that I pulled a fast one and changed 
the tarball according to this:
I know I should have done it properly without changing the tarball, but hey 
I'm lazy. So you would need to copy a proper tarball to the SOURCES dir.


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