Easy installation (was: [PyKDE] PyKDE on mandrake 10.1?)

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Sat Nov 27 20:19:34 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Speaking of RPMs for Mandrake, I've got a related question. How many people 
are using the version of KDE that comes with 10.1 (3.2) versus KDE 3.3?

I'm mainly asking because the stuff I've been working on is at the stage where 
I want to put it out and let starting using it, testing it, giving feedback 
etc. To get this process running there needs to be an easy way to install 
PyKDE. (I'm talking about Mandrake users at this stage). I'm thinking that I 
need to put up a URPMI repository somewhere and direct people there. But 
which version of KDE should be supported? or both versions? or does anyone 
else have any ideas on making PyKDE easy to install for 'normal' users?

What is the situation for other distributions?


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