[PyKDE] PyQt

Diez B. Roggisch deets at web.de
Wed Nov 17 12:14:26 GMT 2004


> I am new to PyQt although I have experience in php.
> I have an application built in php and I am trying to
> convert it to PyQt. It uses a Mysql database to store and

The paradigms you're known to from http driven programming don't apply well in 
the native gui world. That has nothing to do with python/php or qt 
themselves, but follows from the overall design principles behind gui 
toolkits and http/html.

I suggest you try to  read one of the tutorials out there, for example this


Together with pyqt, there comes a bunch of examples you can also study to see  
how things work. And of course Boudewijn Rempt's book is a great resource as 




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