[PyKDE] PyQt

Thomas Bellos thomas at polichromo.gr
Wed Nov 17 11:12:51 GMT 2004


I am new to PyQt although I have experience in php.

I have an application built in php and I am trying to 

convert it to PyQt. It uses a Mysql database to store and 

retrieve information about our company's work process. 

Anyway I am using it as a project, in order to learn PyQt.

Initially I have two questions.

1. I made some menus in Qt with Qtdesigner [File (new,open,etc)]

and I would like to know how can I display different screens each 

time one of them is clicked (in html terms, change the source of the page)

2. Is there an equivelant for the html frame tag for Qt?

Any help would be appreciated.


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