[PyKDE] Python IOSlaves

Luke Monahan lukemonahan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 07:48:09 GMT 2004

Hi All,
I have been trying to create an IOSlave using PyKDE.  Documentation
and demos are fairly thin on the ground, but I ended up using the
following as resources:


I have downloaded the files pykde-components-2004-01-20.tar.bz2 from
David's site and set about installing his IOSlaves so I can play
around with them.

Unfortunately I can't get the build script to work.

It continues to complain that it can't find the sips libraries in my
python lib directories.  They are there, but build.py is looking for
"libsip*" wheras the sip related libraries I have (after installing
the latest binaries from the sourceforge site linked of the PyKDE
site) are


So... I create a softlink "libsip.so" to "sip.so".  Then I get a
similar complaint about other libraries, which I fix in a similar
manner.  It can't find PyQT or PyKDE for the same reason.

When I get it finding everything the build starts, but borks on a SIP
operation (which I won't post here just yet).

My main question is: have there been major changes to the way these
libraries are used since these demos were written?  If not why might I
be getting all these errors?  How would I go about getting an updated
build.py, details.py etc -- I couldn't find where they came from.

Thanks in advance,

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