[PyKDE] Eric's project browser

Kirill Lapshin kir at lapshin.net
Sun May 23 04:35:01 BST 2004


Browser is a neat feature indeed, however I have a small concern about 
current implementation. Was it intentional to list embedded functions on 
the same level as top level functions. I.e.

def foo():
    def foobar(): pass

shows both foo and foobar on the same level. That's a bit confusing and 
makes top level list a bit crowded. It would be nice to list foobar, 
under foo, or, if it is not an easy task, I would argue that not listing 
it at all is trttd.

Suppose I have following code

def foo():
    def foobar(): pass
def bar():
    def foobar(): pass

now only one (second) instance of foobar is present in the browser.


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