[PyKDE] ANN: SIP v3.10.2 and v4.0rc4 Released

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat May 22 23:41:01 BST 2004

On Saturday 22 May 2004 11:13, Phil Thompson wrote:
> v3.10.2 and v4.0rc4 of SIP have been released and are available at
> http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/sip/download.php.

Those should be considered the minimum sip versiions for PyKDE - they take 
care of some quirks in PyKDE code.

> Both versions contain bug fixes needed by the latest version of PyKDE.

> Both versions support building Python extension modules using MinGW. (Note
> that MinGW seems to have problems building PyQt with SIP v3.10.2 - v4.0rc4
> works fine.)

> SIP v4.0rc4 is stable and has no known bugs - it's just waiting for
> completed documentation before being released as v4.0.

> The next version of PyQt will be released in a few days.

The next version of PyKDE could be released in a day or two if anyone is 
desperate, but I'd just as soon wait for KDE 3.2.3, which, according to the 
plan, is due  end of May/early June.

The only thing new in the next PyKDE release will be some enhancements to make 
DCOP easier to use (code for packing/unpacking QByteArrays). I have that 
working in principle but I'm waffling on exactly how to implement it and 
which module(s) to put it in.


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