[PyKDE] Bindings and the KDE project

Steve Simmons scs at lokkur.dexter.mi.us
Thu Mar 18 16:22:00 GMT 2004

> How do people here feel about the current state of PyQt/PyKDE in relation to 
> KDE (the project)? Is it a real problem for people that PyQt/PyKDE isn't 
> distributed as part of KDE? or would it be enough if the distros also came 
> with PyQt/PyKDE as 'standard'?

I'd prefer that PyQt/PyKDE came as a standard part of the KDE
distribution, and agree it would both popularize and legitimize
PyKDE.  Not that PyKDE isn't legit, but it would gain some weight
in users and developers minds if distributed w/KDE.

On the flip side, this almost argues for a KDE-blessed python

Has the KDE core crew expressed an opinion?
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