[PyKDE] Bindings and the KDE project

Tom Badran tb100 at doc.ic.ac.uk
Thu Mar 18 17:51:01 GMT 2004

Steve Simmons wrote:
>>How do people here feel about the current state of PyQt/PyKDE in relation to 
>>KDE (the project)? Is it a real problem for people that PyQt/PyKDE isn't 
>>distributed as part of KDE? or would it be enough if the distros also came 
>>with PyQt/PyKDE as 'standard'?

Ive found it very hard on my development that pyKDE lags behind kde 
releases. Ive had to resort to porting my current development over to 
gtk (while maintaining the kde version) just so i can always develop for 
it regardless of what desktop version im using. It doesnt help that the 
development of pyKDE is essentially a closed one man effort, and it 
would be much simpler if the bindings became part of the kde devlopment 
process. It would also help guarantee much simpler deployment of 
applications as it would be included everywhere kde is. Im sure it would 
become easier to help generate documentation from a shared base for all 
bindings too, which would be a big plus.

The Gnome project is currently starting to do this with alot of their 
bindings, especially as python/perl-gtk are becoming quite heavily used, 
and java-gnome is looking to very good once we get gcj-3.4 out with the 
rapidly improving gnu-classpath.

With projects like mono improving rapidly, it would be a real plus to 
have an easy administration, high level language platform to develop 
with. Python already looks like it potentially may lose a lot of 
mindshare to mono/gtk# which would be a real shame as i think the python 
language has a lot more to offer than c#/.net can, and ive developed 
against a platform which has been powerful as kde before, including gtk, 
swing/swt, motif and ncurses.

KDE really is the best development platform i have ever used and i would 
really like to see much better support from the core for pyKDE.


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