[PyKDE] Bindings and the KDE project

Fred Polgardy fred at polgardy.com
Thu Mar 18 00:15:01 GMT 2004

I know I've started and/or contributed to this converstation at least once.

I wonder if somebody in the know could potentially draft up a list of
(ongoing) tasks and a relative estimate of the amount of time and
intercommunication involved to keep up on them.  It would no doubt evolve
quickly, but it'd be a great start.  Like most of us (hopefully!) I've got
to spend most of my time at my own job, but I'd enjoy contributing some time
and energy to PyKDE.

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> On Wed, 17 Mar 2004 09:21 pm, Russell Valentine wrote:
> > In my eyes I think it would be awsome to have PyQt/PyKDE part of KDE.
> > I've upgraded to KDE 3.2 and all my PyKDE apps don't work.
> That is what I'm getting at. It is not acceptable that a new stable
version of
> KDE ships and all of your python apps break. I've seen too many times
> dumping python and porting to C++ mainly because of availability and the
> that PyQt/PyKDE doesn't come installed with peoples KDE/distro. This
> is putting a limit on adoption of Python with KDE. That's a real pity.
> > Probably Jim
> > Bublitz could use some help. I'm still sort of new to Python and I
> > havn't looked into creating bindings with SIP so I would have a lot of
> > learning to do.
> yes, Jim and Phil both do a great job, but they only have so much
> With this thread I want to open up the discussion about how we can fix
> problem.
> Now, KDE 3 is meant to be compatible through all of the 3.x releases. So I
> imagine that it is possible for someone other than Phil and Jim to fix the
> bindings when a new 3.x version of KDE comes out, and make sure that
> releases of KDE also have a working PyQt/PyKDE available. It would be nice
> have matching releases of PyQt/PyKDE that are syncronised with KDE so that
> the distros can package and release at the same time as KDE. Because right
> now it is not very clear what matches what.
> It would be even better if this 'set' of PyQt/PyKDE was also officially
> of each KDE release, but that might just be wishful thinking for the time
> being. ;-)
> cheers,
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