[PyKDE] Bindings and the KDE project

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Wed Mar 17 23:58:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004 09:21 pm, Russell Valentine wrote:
> In my eyes I think it would be awsome to have PyQt/PyKDE part of KDE.
> I've upgraded to KDE 3.2 and all my PyKDE apps don't work.

That is what I'm getting at. It is not acceptable that a new stable version of 
KDE ships and all of your python apps break. I've seen too many times people 
dumping python and porting to C++ mainly because of availability and the fact 
that PyQt/PyKDE doesn't come installed with peoples KDE/distro. This problem 
is putting a limit on adoption of Python with KDE. That's a real pity.

> Probably Jim 
> Bublitz could use some help. I'm still sort of new to Python and I
> havn't looked into creating bindings with SIP so I would have a lot of
> learning to do.

yes, Jim and Phil both do a great job, but they only have so much time/energy. 
With this thread I want to open up the discussion about how we can fix this 

Now, KDE 3 is meant to be compatible through all of the 3.x releases. So I 
imagine that it is possible for someone other than Phil and Jim to fix the 
bindings when a new 3.x version of KDE comes out, and make sure that stable 
releases of KDE also have a working PyQt/PyKDE available. It would be nice to 
have matching releases of PyQt/PyKDE that are syncronised with KDE so that 
the distros can package and release at the same time as KDE. Because right 
now it is not very clear what matches what.

It would be even better if this 'set' of PyQt/PyKDE was also officially part 
of each KDE release, but that might just be wishful thinking for the time 
being. ;-)


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