[PyKDE] Re: pykde for kde 3.2 and presip

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Mar 12 18:20:01 GMT 2004

On Friday March 12 2004 08:10, Mathieu Chouinard wrote:

> I want to know if there will be a release soon and if presip
> will now support recent sip

I'm just about ready to do a snapshot or beta release of PyKDE 
now that Phil has released the latest sip and PyQt. The holdup 
right now is updating to KDE 3.2.1, which was just released - 
looks like about a day or two to do that. If it takes longer, 
I'll probably get the snapshot out right away.

The only stuff missing from the snapshot will be docs. I haven't 
finished updating presip to generate docs using the new sip 
syntax. That looks like it'll take another week or two, as I've 
had to spend more time making money lately.

I'll try to have the snapshot out by Monday. If you want to 
prepare for that, get the latest sip/PyQt and install them, as 
they're required for the next PyKDE release.


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