[PyKDE] date for new pykde version with kde 3.2 support?

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Mar 12 18:19:01 GMT 2004

On Thursday March 11 2004 23:05, Christian Bartels wrote:

> i searched the archive, but could not found an answser other
> than "soon". so, can anyone tell me when a pykde version with
> kde 3.2 support will be released? (hopefully more exactly
> thant "soon" ;-))

I just finished another message about this. I should have a 
snapshot current to KDE 3.2.1 available by Monday (supports any 
KDE3x version). It's a snapshot only to test the build system 
(which seems to be working fine) and because I haven't completed 
the docs.


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