[PyKDE] Trivial improvement in the autocompletion of Eric3

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at rogers.com
Sat Jun 26 21:01:01 BST 2004

Phil Thompson wrote:

>On Sunday 27 June 2004 12:33 am, Maurizio Colucci wrote:
>>On Saturday 26 June 2004 07:03, Phil Thompson wrote:
>>>Obviously it's a very personal issue. If people generally think it's a
>>>good idea then I can add it. (It's a QScintilla thing, rather than an
>>>eric thing.)
>>So you don't think the examples I gave you justify the change? Ok, thanks
>>for your time anyway. :-)
>No, not at all. Its about priorities. I was, like you, inviting comments. If 
>99% of people use auto-completion the way you do then a new option should be 
>high priority. If 99% of people would use the current sorting method then a 
>new option should be low priority.
As a data-point, I use (extensively) the search-back-search-forward 
ordering in PythonWin.  It really does feel intuitive when you use it.  
I tend to rely on it such that, to type common idioms:

    something = whatever()
    something = this + something

I'll type:

    s<ctrl-space> = this + s<ctrl-space>

relying on the back-searching to find the name earlier on the line, and 
occasionally having to hit ctrl-space a few times if I want something 
earlier, but actually quite seldom needing to do that.  Now, in 
PythonWin, there's no drop-down for the identifiers (just for methods), 
so what's actually happening with the ctrl-spaces there is that the word 
changes in the text, but it's almost the same effect.  Typing a 
character or two and then hitting ctrl-space a few times will cycle 
through every identifier in the file that starts with that character 
(search first backward, then forward, which generally results in finding 
the identifier you want earlier rather than later).

Anyway, just a data-point... I'd use it :) ,

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