[PyKDE] SIP, PyQt, PyKDE and friends is KDE CVS

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Jun 22 09:47:00 BST 2004

On Monday 21 June 2004 23:38, Simon Edwards wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I commited a copy of SIP, PyQt and PyKDE to KDE CVS on the weekend which
> means that KDE 3.3 will ship with python bindings by default. :-) Now, the
> KDE CVS is freezing during the lead up to the real 3.3 release but I've
> still got time to commit bug fixes to CVS and do a minor update for SIP
> etc.


Have you built PyKDE against KDE3.3 successfully? Did you update for new 
methods, etc?

> So, for all people working on exotic things like kicker applets, KIO 
> slaves, kcontrol modules (working that this week) etc it is best that you
> work on your "C++ to python and back glue code" and make sure that it is
> working well.  I want to see KDE 3.3 ship with a set bindings that also
> supports 'exotic' plugin stuff. That means that any problems need to be
> found and fixed ASAP so that I have a chance of updating the CVS copy.
> (BTW, I'll updating SIP to the latest snapshot/release before 3.3 still).

As far as I know, the only thing needed in sip/PyQt/PyKDE for the more 
'exotic' stuff is the wrapinstance/unwrapinstance stuff Phil just added to 
sip. That pretty much isolates the C++ code from the Python code for just 
about everything, I think.  

The other consideration is that most of the recent stuff is on sip4 and hasn't 
been backtested to sip3. Personally, I'd prefer to stick with sip4 - I'm not 
sure it would be easy to get most of this stuff working with sip3 as easily 
as it works with sip4.

So if you're referring to changes needed in sip/PyQt/PyKDE (not libpythonize 
or other stuff that builds on it), there don't appear to be any changes 
needed at the moment.

If you're referring to getting panel applets, etc. all working, I have no idea 
what the time frame is for that, or who's going to be responsible for putting 
it all together. I have libpythonize rewritten (there isn't really much to it 
any longer), and I have panel applets and extensions working here. To be 
complete, the docs for that need rewriting and the applet installer needs 
some work. I'm also looking at the KParts stuff from David, but haven't 
gotten very far on that. Again, I don't know who's going to package all of 
this (at the source level ...  docs, helper apps, etc) - if no one speaks up, 
I'll take on at least the stuff I have source code for.

I really doubt this stuff will be in releasable form before KDE 3.3, and 
certainly not if any kind of freeze is imminent.

Do you want copies of what I have? I've cleaned all of the thread-related 
stuff out of libpythonize since the previous version I sent out, and it works 
beautifully with sip4.


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