[PyKDE] SIP, PyQt, PyKDE and friends is KDE CVS

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Tue Jun 22 08:43:00 BST 2004

Hello everyone,

I commited a copy of SIP, PyQt and PyKDE to KDE CVS on the weekend which means 
that KDE 3.3 will ship with python bindings by default. :-) Now, the KDE CVS 
is freezing during the lead up to the real 3.3 release but I've still got 
time to commit bug fixes to CVS and do a minor update for SIP etc. So, for 
all people working on exotic things like kicker applets, KIO slaves, kcontrol 
modules (working that this week) etc it is best that you work on your "C++ to 
python and back glue code" and make sure that it is working well.  I want to 
see KDE 3.3 ship with a set bindings that also supports 'exotic' plugin 
stuff. That means that any problems need to be found and fixed ASAP so that I 
have a chance of updating the CVS copy. (BTW, I'll updating SIP to the latest 
snapshot/release before 3.3 still).


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