[PyKDE] PyQt community site?

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at gazeta.pl
Sun Feb 22 17:29:01 GMT 2004

Dnia Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 03:40:10PM +0100, Michael Lauer pisze:

>> > Is there something like PyQt Wiki? If not, don't you think this
>> > could be good idea for promoting this toolkit?
>> I usually suggest building on the existing PyQt pages at the
>> python.org Wiki.
> I agree. Let's not fragment information too much. It's a pity that
> pykde.sf.net seems abandoned though. Making that site a wiki wouldn't
> hurt either. I know that a wiki may have less capabilities regarding
> styling and layout, but then again pykde.sf.net has a great layout but
> nada content... and this is where a wiki shines.
> The just-released MoinMoin 1.2 (written in Python) seems nice, btw.
> The german sites linuxkwiki.de and pythonwiki.de are using v1.1 of
> moin.

OK, I found PyQt page in python.org Wiki. Not much content there, so I
added links to 2 free projects that use PyQt.

Jarek Zgoda

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