[PyKDE] sip

Jason Lee jason at theleehouse.net
Fri Jan 10 15:46:01 GMT 2003

I hope this is the right place.  The Riverbank Computing web page said it was, so...

I'm new to sip.  I've been toying with swig, and haven't gotten boost to run. 
I'm trying to get a Python wrapper for a C++ library (duh :), but I'm having 
trouble setting up my .sip.  If I have an empty class, things work fine.  Once I 
start adding lines from the header file, I start getting parse errors.  The 
lines that seem to be causing problems are definitions of functions pointers 
(static void   (*clearScreen)(uchar w, uchar h);) or struct declarations.  The 
odd thing about the struct, though, is that if it's empty, it's fine.  Once I 
add anything to to (e.g., uchar R,G,B,Alpha;), I get a parse error.  It also 
errors out if I put a const int declaration outside any struct or class scope. 
I'm sure I'm missing something fundamental, but the docs aren't helpful, and the 
  PyQT .sips are a little overwhelming for a newbie. :)  Does anyone have any 
pointers as to what I'm doing wrong?  I'd appreciate the help.

BTW, if this is the wrong list, I apologize.  It seems to be, based on the web 
page, but if it's not, I'll gladly take my question somewhere else.


jason lee
I have not been called to the wisdom of this world, but to a God who's calling
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