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Gerard Vermeulen gvermeul at grenoble.cnrs.fr
Fri Jan 10 16:02:01 GMT 2003

Jason, take a look at a previous post on this list:

Dec 22 Hans-Peter Jans ( 307)
[PyKDE] sip beginners project pqfaxview-0.1.0

This is a small project to get you started.

sip does not accept parameter names, so, use
void foo(int);
instead of
void foo(int bar);


PS: you'll find more info in Boudewijn's book on PyQt (see Riverbank's
web pages), but in the end you'll have to compare PyQt's sip files
with the generated source code. You can also look at PyQwt 
(http://gerard.vermeulen.free.fr) for an example that is bigger than
pqfaxview but smaller than PyQt itself.

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 08:45:32AM -0600, Jason Lee wrote:
> I hope this is the right place.  The Riverbank Computing web page said it 
> was, so...
> I'm new to sip.  I've been toying with swig, and haven't gotten boost to 
> run. I'm trying to get a Python wrapper for a C++ library (duh :), but I'm 
> having trouble setting up my .sip.  If I have an empty class, things work 
> fine.  Once I start adding lines from the header file, I start getting 
> parse errors.  The lines that seem to be causing problems are definitions 
> of functions pointers (static void   (*clearScreen)(uchar w, uchar h);) or 
> struct declarations.  The odd thing about the struct, though, is that if 
> it's empty, it's fine.  Once I add anything to to (e.g., uchar 
> R,G,B,Alpha;), I get a parse error.  It also errors out if I put a const 
> int declaration outside any struct or class scope. I'm sure I'm missing 
> something fundamental, but the docs aren't helpful, and the PyQT .sips are 
>  a little overwhelming for a newbie. :)  Does anyone have any pointers as to 
> what I'm doing wrong?  I'd appreciate the help.
> BTW, if this is the wrong list, I apologize.  It seems to be, based on the 
> web page, but if it's not, I'll gladly take my question somewhere else.
> Thanks!
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