[PyKDE] Re: final build.py cleanups

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sun Aug 10 00:49:00 BST 2003

[CC'ed the list also, because of Jonathans latest build patch]

Dear Jim,

okay, let's go through it again. But please apply it this time.
If you apply this, I owe you another patch for the README.

This build.py features:
 - some syncing with PyQt's current build.py:
   - global global cleanup
   - concat splitting helps with memory constraints without 
     loosing advantages of concat builds (again)
   - command line switches for lib64 builds 
     (untested, but should work.., again)
   - while # of command line switches has grown insanely over
     the time, try to sync them, which unfortunately renames 
     a few switches (!!!)
 - some minor fixups (again)
 - white space cleanup (again)
 - threaded build of course (controled by SMP=2 env. var.)
 - build (as user) into independant directory (again)

Last option need modifications of the LIB argument in a bunch 
of sip files, in order to be able to link against them in an 
independant directory. To ease this procedure, fixSipInclude.py 
is included. -> %prep section in PyKDE-3.7.spec. Note also the 
enabled BuildRoot option; user is able to build this rpm without 
being root! He won't be able to install it, though ;-). This 
allows unattended builds without big hassles. The last offender
in this resort is PyQt now. 

The only remaining problem of SMP builds, I know of, is the 
modules internal dependancies during the make run. See %build
section in .spec. It looks ugly, but should work always this

Don't know, why you omitted kdepyuic in 3.7, here is it again
with a small KDatePicker fix up from KDE 3.0 times. Need to test 
this one again. postproc.diff is a small shut up patch.

The build.py patch is fairly well tested in the different scenarios.

As requested, here's the full source (additional spec, and diffs).

BTW, build of 3.7-2 is really smooth here (SuSE 8.2, KDE 3.1.1)
and my KFileShare.setShared is defined as (const QString&, bool).

Light testing of PyKDE 3.7-2 doesn't revealed any problems.

Congratulations. Great work! PyKDE is back on the block.

A few month ago, I asked you for your generator tools. I would
like to see some kabc bindings. Could they be of any help for me?

Here a few build numbers:

System: Dual PIII, 1 GHz, 1 GB, IDE 3 * Maxtor 120GB SW RAID 5

build.py before (as root):
real    11m49.039s
user    11m9.460s
sys     0m8.290s

after (as user with small penalties from the scheduler):
real    7m26.453s
user    12m27.880s
sys     0m9.530s

full rpm smp build:
real    23m38.617s
user    41m11.380s
sys     0m35.770s


On Thursday 07 August 2003 09:02, you wrote:
> I know you sent me SMP patches for build.py over 3 months ago,
> but they never got applied, and now build.py has been modified.
> It will be going through some more cleanup eventually as the
> KDE2 stuff gets removed.
> Thanks a lot - sorry to have to ask for this again. Just mail the
> modified bulld.py to me directly - doesn't need to go through
> the list. There aren't any important changes needed to build.py
> on my end - just cleanup - so there's no rush.
> Jim
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