installing pyqt5 and pyqtdeploy on macos silicon from pypy

Phil Thompson phil at
Tue May 9 16:25:55 BST 2023

On 09/05/2023 16:16, Ioan Calin Borcoman wrote:
> Do you have a timeframe for this? Is it going to be upgraded in a 
> couple of
> weeks? Months? Is it going to be upgraded till the end of the year? 
> During
> next year?
> Is there a way to track progress? I was unable to find any public bug
> tracking system for RiverBank projects. Do you have such a system in 
> place?
> As far I was able to see on RiverBank website:
> - there is no way to search existing tickets
> - there is no way to track the progress of issue fixing
> - there is no way to search mail archives
> Am I missing something?

No. PyQt6 support in pyqtdeploy is unlikely to be before the end of the 


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