Another issue with pylupdate6

Phil Thompson phil at
Sun May 30 12:42:56 BST 2021

On 29/05/2021 13:25, Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> Hello Phil,
> I observed another issue with pylupdate6. It uses the system eol
> character(s) when writing the .ts file. This causes issues if you
> develop on different platforms (e.g. Linux and Windows) and use a
> version control system. When you re-generate a .ts file on a different
> platform, the VCS will see the whole file as changed because of
> different eols (e.g. \n versus \r\n) even if the contents remained the
> same. This is not good. Therefore I suggest that either no eol
> conversion is done (i.e. a \n is passed to the open() function) or a
> command line option is introduced to explicitly specify the eol
> sequence (e.g. --eol=\n or a more command line friendly form --eol=LF,
> --eol=CRLF, --eol=CR).
> I don't know how pylupdate5 did it but I didn't observe the issue
> there (maybe I didn't generate .ts files of multiple platforms at
> all).

It now uses newline='\n' in the open() call.


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