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Ludovic Bellière belliere.ludovic at proximus.be
Mon May 3 18:59:31 BST 2021

Hi Rich,

You should be wary of relying on pyuic5, as that tools has been removed
from PyQt6 distributions. As such, it'll be quite problematic to migrate
from Qt5 to Qt6.

It would be quite nice for PyQt to distribute Qt's own cli tools, rcc,
which has been updated to support python in the 6th version of the


On lun, 03 mai 2021, Tomas Sobota wrote:

> Rich,
> You don't need full Creator, for what you want Designer is enough.
> Also, Designer is much more powerful than glade. I do all my qt gui design
> in Designer, for pyqt and also for c++ Qt.
> The command line for pyuic5 in Linux is:
> #pyuic5  x.ui -o ui_x.py
> where x.ui is the xml file generated by Designer and ui_x.py is the
> generated python code.
> Tom
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