QTabWidget: first tab's text not displaying

Maurizio Berti maurizio.berti at gmail.com
Sat May 1 05:39:26 BST 2021

Il giorno sab 1 mag 2021 alle ore 02:44 Rich Shepard <
rshepard at appl-ecosys.com> ha scritto:

> Aha! I hadn't clicked on other tabs, but the current one is blank.

Ok, at least it's consistent.

> If you allow moving tabs (btw, movable tabs are disabled by default, so
> > there's no need for that line), does the title appear in the drag object?
> I don't allow moving tabs and the title remains on the frame when I move it
> (I run Slackware64-14.2 with Xfce4 and its default wm and PyQt-5.13.2).

Sorry, I don't understand. If you *do* allow movable tabs, do you see the
title on the dragged tab while moving?

> The title is there (if you use very high contrast on very low lightness
> > you'll see it), but considering the overall look I'm inclined to think
> > that's a specific platform/style issue (the ugly font might be a hint).
> This may be the case. I've not yet specified fonts or colors and when I do
> so this issue might be resolved

There might be some inconsistency with the default XFCE font/palette. It's
possible that Qt relies on the current system palette and the
current+focused+active gets a color that's too bright.
Can you try with the following?

    QTabBar::tab:selected {
        color: black;

> > What is the output of QApplication.style().objectName()?
> From where do I run this?

>From anywhere, as long as a QApplication instance has been created, since
style() is a static method (so, just after creating it or even in any
widget __init__).

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