[PyQt] A nasty licencing question

Sampsa Riikonen sampsa.riikonen at iki.fi
Sun Jul 29 21:23:23 BST 2018


I have an "advanced" question about the PyQt license. 

1) There's a programming library with a python interface, let's call it

2) LIB can be combined with PyQt to make graphical user interfaces

3) Small sample programs ("snippets") are provided publicly for LIB's
API users, so that they learn how to use PyQt with LIB

4) The snippets are MIT licensed, i.e. "free game" for developers (with
no obligations)

5) The idea is, that developers can base their own programs on the
"snippets" .. However, for the programs they build, they must cope
themselves with the PyQt license (either choose GPL or commercial)

The questions is:

Is this logic flawed?  Can the snippets be MIT licensed at all.. or must
they follow the PyQt licensing scheme, i.e. either GPL or commercial.

In the latter case, can the snippets be MIT licensed?



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