[PyQt] "This Windows version does not support the required Bluetooth API"

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Thu Jul 26 22:36:36 BST 2018

My tests on AppVeyor recently started failing.  When I logged in I found 
a dialog saying:

   This Windows version (6.3.9600) does not support
   the required Bluetooth API.  Consider updating
   to a more recent Windows (10.0.10586 or above).

I am not intentionally using Bluetooth.  I found a few reports of it 
around the web.





Per these reports it seems to relate to PyQt5 >= 5.10 and Windows <= 

I am trying to figure out the trigger since a running QApplication with 
a QMainWindow is not sufficient to cause the dialog.  I'll share 
whatever more info I can collect but figured I'd check here in case the 
issue is already known, or maybe even intentional dropping of support 
for older Windows versions or somesuch.


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