[PyQt] make error when statically building Python for cross-compiling to android from linux

umbertofilippo umbertofilippo at tiscali.it
Wed Oct 11 22:29:33 BST 2017

Thank you Viktor,

indeed, from the output  it seems Python 3.6.0 does not need patches (no 
"Patching" messages in the terminal, while I got plenty with 3.5.3).

Anyway, still getting the same error as in version 3.6.2 while running 
'make', while with Python 3.5.3 I got another problem related to a 
strange ":" folder within the built Python, which in turns caused SIP 
not to build.

Phil said a new version of pyqtdeploy is about to be released around 
next month.

Looking forward to trying it!

Thanks for the support!


On 11/10/2017 01:04, Kálmán Viktor wrote:
> If you check the 'pyqtdeploy\python\configurations\patches' it has 
> patches up to 3.5.3 and in theory (at least that is what I've read in 
> the docs) Python 3.6 does not need any patches for Android.
> However in my personal experience even Python 3.5.3 doesn't compile on 
> certain Android targets without doing extra patches.
> 2017-10-11 0:16 GMT+02:00 <umbertofilippo at tiscali.it 
> <mailto:umbertofilippo at tiscali.it>>:
>     Thanks again
>     If I see as the first (chronologically last) line
>     v1.3.2 4th March 2017
>       - Added support for Python v2.7.13, v3.4.6, v3.5.3 and v3.6.0.
>     this means I'd better use one of these python version as both
>     source/target?
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