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Simon Lees sflees at suse.de
Fri Jul 7 09:09:57 BST 2017

On 07/07/17 12:48, Damon Lynch wrote:
> Hello,
> When distributed as an AppImage, a PyQt5 application's appearance
> changes depending on which Linux distribution it's being run in -- and
> not in a good way. Two things I've noted with respect to the default
> font, which varies from distro to distro:
>  1. The font may not be aliased.
>  2. The font may be a serif font, instead of sans serif.
> I've observed this with PyPi version from last week. I haven't had a
> chance to see if it's any different with the very recent release.
> I assume the solution to this problem is for the application to check
> for an environment variable set by the AppImage, and then if set, at
> application startup manipulate the application's default font settings.
> I've not tried that before but hopefully it's not too difficult. Does
> this sound about right?
> Thanks.
> Damon
> -- 
> http://www.damonlynch.net

Many distro's won't allow font anti-aliasing for legal reasons (i
presume this is what your talking about), I'm not sure where and on
which level its done in this case but you should probably presume it
doesn't exist if you want your apps to be consistent. I don't know much
about app images but it sounds like the systems fontconfig setting are
still being used.


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