[PyQt] ANN: PyQt v5.8 and SIP v4.19.1 Released

Sibylle Koczian nulla.epistola at web.de
Wed Feb 22 10:25:33 GMT 2017

Am 21.02.2017 um 18:34 schrieb Pou Belle:
> Thanks Sibylle. I already had the PATH pointing to the bin directory,
> but didn't work
> I finally found the solution :  I had to install vcredist_2013
> (Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable)
> It's really strange, because python 3.5.2 and PyQt5.7.1 are both using
> vc2015, so I assumed they would refuse to work with a vc2013 library.
> Life is strange ;-)

It seems that PostgreSQL wants that library. At least the update to 
9.6.2 started with "Setup Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable".

But does that mean this must be installed on every machine accessing a 
PostgreSQL database with a PyQt5 client application?


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