[PyQt] ANN: PyQt v5.8 and SIP v4.19.1 Released

Pou Belle belepoub at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 15:00:35 GMT 2017

>>* In the case of PostgreSQL I think it is lipq.dll (or maybe libpg.dll). It is called by the Qt plugin - you need both.*

>>>* The subdirectory "...\Qt\plugins\sqldrivers" of my PyQt installation contains the file qsqlpsql.dll. That is the right plugin, isn't it?*

*>>> Do I have to rebuild it using the instructions in the Qt
documentation, to tell the plugin about the location of PostgreSQL on
my machine?*

*>>> But that can't be right: it would mean repeating this with every
update of either PyQt or PostgreSQL???
*>>>>* ...or Qt. This is a Qt issue, nothing to do with PyQt. I assume
you just need to make sure the directory containing the PostgreSQL DLL
is on PATH.
> Done, and now it works. Thank you!

> Sibylle


Where did you find the missing dll for PostgreSQL ?
DependencyWalker indicates qsqlpsql.dll needs libpq.dll in order to work.
So I downloaded PostgreSQL binaries from the official site, and got
But it doesn't work with PyQt5.7.1/Python3.5.2/Windows7-64bit, because
libpq.dll was compiled against Visual Studio 2013, and Python3.5.2 needs
Visual Studio 2015.

Did you have to compile PostgreSQL yourself ? (it's not an easy task at all)

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