[PyQt] pyqtdeploy : enable Additional modules

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Fri Jan 30 13:56:47 GMT 2015

On 30/01/2015 12:23 pm, MOHAMED BLACK wrote:
> hi,
> i can't deploy my app using lzma and sqlite3
> it's simple app print("Hi...")
> and in pyqtdeploy "Standard Library" checked lzma,sqlite3
> all run fine until executing nmake throw error about missing
> sqlite3.h and lzma.h
> after some googling
>  i executed
> "C:\sysroot-win-32\src\Python-3.4.2\Tools\buildbot\external-common.bat"
> it downloaded all needed files
> i used the qmake tab in pyqtdeploy to add
> INCLUDEPATH += C:/sysroot-win-32/src/externals/sqlite-
> INCLUDEPATH += C:/sysroot-win-32/src/externals/xz-5.0.5/include
> INCLUDEPATH += C:/sysroot-win-32/src/externals/xz-5.0.5/include/lzma
> but still can't deploy the app nmake stop with error
> so,
> what is the correct way to static link against this modules?

pyqtdeploy doesn't compile external libraries for you, you do this 
yourself and tell pyqtdeploy where they are.

When you select the lzma module on the "Standard Library" page the "LZMA 
compression" entry in the external libraries table *should* be enabled 
and you can configure any DEFINES, INCLUDEPATH or LIBS there.

However there are two bugs in v0.9...

- the entry doesn't get enabled so you can't modify the values

- there is no entry for SQLite

I've now fixed both.


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