[PyQt] pyqtdeploy : enable Additional modules

MOHAMED BLACK bl3a3ck at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 12:23:22 GMT 2015


i can't deploy my app using lzma and sqlite3

it's simple app print("Hi...")
and in pyqtdeploy "Standard Library" checked lzma,sqlite3

all run fine until executing nmake throw error about missing
sqlite3.h and lzma.h

after some googling
 i executed
it downloaded all needed files

i used the qmake tab in pyqtdeploy to add
INCLUDEPATH += C:/sysroot-win-32/src/externals/sqlite-
INCLUDEPATH += C:/sysroot-win-32/src/externals/xz-5.0.5/include
INCLUDEPATH += C:/sysroot-win-32/src/externals/xz-5.0.5/include/lzma

but still can't deploy the app nmake stop with error
what is the correct way to static link against this modules?

win xp sp3
vs 2010 sp1
python 3.4.2
qt 5.4
latest snapshot sip,pyqt5,pyqtdeploy from 29-1-2015

thanks in advance :)
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