[PyQt] Problems with QSystemTrayIcon KDE 5

Dmitry Shachnev mitya57 at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 12 12:27:35 GMT 2015


On Sun, 11 Jan 2015 09:20:15 -0300, Gustavo A. Díaz wrote:
> And what about the initial problem of this post? Since was not
> the buggy menu. Any idea?

How did you install Qt 5.4? There is a testing PPA [1] however it
conflicts with some KDE packages for now. I.e. you need to re-build
some KDE frameworks yourself if you want to use Qt 5.4.

Also, can you check if KDEPlatformTheme.so appears somewhere in strace
output of your process?

[1] ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-005 (VERY unstable)

Dmitry Shachnev
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