[PyQt] Conversion from QML

B. B. thebbzoo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 21:14:24 GMT 2014

Hello Phil,

I just updated, to the newest versions available.

Qt :
 5.3 -> 5.4

PyQt :
PyQt-gpl-5.4-snapshot-15b37c22d541  ( from around 17 of november ) ->

sip-4.16.5-snapshot-c005a6d2e53e ( around 17 of november ) ->

In python, I have access to a PyQt5.QtQuick.QQuickItem, got from qml
through a slot.

On the QQuickItem object, I call javascript functions, definded in qml, for
example like thisone:

Item {

        function thisone( ) {
            return { prefix : "goods" , items : [ idOfItemX, idOfItemY ] }


I mean, I call in python, on the python QQuickItem. like :
myResult = myPythonQQuickItem.thisone().

In the earlier version, the myResult was a python dict, and myResult[
"items" ] was a python list
containing PyQt5.QtQuick.QQuickItem objects

In the newes version, I only get a myResult is a PyQt5.QtQml.QJSValue, and
one have to do the "marchalling" oneself.

Is this "lack of automatic marchalling to obvious python types" a change
that is going to stay, or is it just an regression in the newest sources

using python3.4, the "problem" verified on linux and Mac...

Best regards

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