[PyQt] 2nd call for notes about Eric IDE

Pietro Moras studio-pm at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 2 10:37:49 GMT 2014

In view of next edition of the Eric IDE Technical Report (forecast:  3rd quarter '15) and notably with reference to the innovative Eric ver. no. 6, 
we'll welcome your testimony of experiences and use of specific Eric IDE's features; 
such as: 
 – Special features of your choice, as:  SQL Browser, Qt Forms Designer, Debug Remote Configurable, Eric APIs, PEP 8 Compliance Syntax and Tabnanny Checks, … 

 – Any other feature of your choice you deem as not adequately documented by the “Eric Tech. Reports” as currently available at URL:  

Please send notes to:  Studio-PM <at> hotmail <dot> com. Thanks. 
See you. 
 - P.M.
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