[PyQt] Scroll QTableView beyond last column/row

Mark Mordeca mark.mordeca at prosensus.ca
Wed Aug 28 20:28:51 BST 2013


I have a simple QTableView connected to an QAbstractTableModel.  For the
purposes of my question, let’s assume that these are the most basic you can
have in order to get a table with data in it.

Default behaviour is that you can scroll the table so that the last
column/row becomes visible, but no further.  I would like to be able to
scroll the table *past* the last row/column, i.e. I want to be able to
continue to click right on the horizontal scroll bar even though I have
reached the last column, thereby making the last column continue to shift
left in the table revealing “empty space” in the TableView.

I have been unsuccessful in trying to find a way and hoped that someone
here had a way to do this or a suggestion as to how.

Thank you,

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